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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, a mandatory insurance of motor vehicle owners against liability for damages to third parties, is a regulatory and compulsory insurance concluded at the registration of a motor vehicle.

What is covered by the MTPL Policy?

Your liability as the vehicle owner/user, in case you have caused a damage to a third party while using the motor vehicle, including death, bodily injury, health impairment, damage to or destruction of property.

MTPL Policy does not cover damages to your own vehicle. To cover such damages, you need a Hull Policy.

Available additional types of coverage

Drivers and Passengers Accident Insurance

Motor Accident Insurance covers accidental death occurred in the course of driving or operating a motor vehicle and/or a permanent disability as a consequence of injury in the course of driving or operating a motor vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Insurance

With this insurance Policy, you can drive free of any care, because in case of an unforeseen situation on the road, we will provide you with an assistance in conformity with the agreed insurance package.

Glass Breakage Insurance

Supplementary to our Motor Third Party Liability Policy, you can conclude a Partial Hull Policy to cover the breakage and damage to all kinds of glass on your vehicle other than the glass (plastics) on lighting devices, mirrors and vehicle roof (including the glass roof).

Green Card

As a rider to our MTPL Policy, you can purchase a Green Card – an international document on motor vehicle insurance, as is an evidence that your vehicle is covered by a valid insurance coverage while being used in a foreign country. A Green Card is required for the travel to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco and Azerbaijan.

Due to the exit of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the EU, it is recommended that all vehicles with Serbian license plates, starting from January 1, 2021, should have a Green Card.

Important questions

What documents do I need when taking out a Motor TPL Policy?

You need to have a previous policy, traffic license, owner’s ID card, registration sheet and/or invoice from the vehicle procurement or a certificate of conformity for the new vehicles.

What does the premium amount depend on?

The insurance premium for passenger vehicles depends on the power of engine, purpose of the vehicle and the acquired bonus/malus.

What is the method of calculating the Policy bonus/malus?

One year without damages brings a bonus of 5%, two years without damages bring a bonus of 15%, while careful drivers who report no damages for a period of three years are rewarded with a maximum bonus of 25%.

Malus depends on the number of claims in one insurance year.

Is it possible to complete the registration and issuance of the police sticker at one place?

The entire registration can be completed at the majority of locations where the technical inspections are performed.

Can I repair a damage to my own vehicle in the event of an accident, if I hold a Motor Third Party Liability Policy?

No. The compulsory MTPL Policy only covers damages caused to third parties.

What do I need in order to conclude the motor accident insurance?

You need to have concluded a Motor TPL or Hull Insurance Policy.

Do I select the sum insured when concluding the Motor Accident Policy?

Yes. When contracting the insurance coverage, you select the sum insured, separately for disability and separately for accidental death risk.

How can I obtain information if and where the police report has been delivered?

If you are our insured, you can get the information on the report in our motor claims centres or by calling our Call Centre at 0800 386 286.

In which cases do I fill in the European Traffic Accident Report form?

You only fill in this Report in the cases when there is a minor material damage to the vehicles and no injured parties. If you are not sure as to the scope of the damage caused to the vehicle, you need to call the police to make a Damage Inspection Report.

Can I buy a Green Card at any insurance company?

The Green Card can be bought only with the insurance company with which you have concluded the Compulsory Motor TPL Insurance Policy.

How much does the Green Card cost?

The price of the Green Card with the Dunav Insurance Company is RSD 2,000.

This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


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