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Enjoy your ride. Do not think about unforeseen situations and leave the organisation of roadside assistance to us, 24 hours, 365 days.

Type of serviceSTART packageBENEFIT packagePREMIUM package
SerbiaSerbia, Europe and TurkeySerbia, Europe, Turkey and other countries of the Green Card System
Vehicle repair in case of a minor breakdown1h of work / up to 50€1h of work / up to 100€1h of work / up to 150€
Towingup to 80€up to 200€up to 500€
Transportation of a driver and passengersup to 10€*up to 40€*up to 60€*
Overnight accommodation for a driver and passengersup to 30€*up to 80€*up to 100€*
Pulling out / salvage of a vehiclesup to 80€up to 200€up to 250€
Re-delivery of duplicate or new keys for the lost or stolen vehicle keysup to 75€up to 100€
Costs of fuel deliveryup to 100€up to 150€
Vehicle keeping - storage chargeup to 75€up to 100€
Replacement vehicleup to 120€ / max 48h
Vehicle transport in case of a driver's illness, injury or deathup to 150€
Return of children following an injury, illness or death of a driverup to 150€
Organization of return in order to fetch the vehicle up to 150€
Organization of customs and transportation of the vehicle to a car dump yardup to 300€

*per person

Roadside assistance centre (24/7)

In the event of unforeseen and unwanted circumstances, call us at: +381 11 36 36 100.

Important questions

Is it possible to buy roadside assistance policy despite not having any other vehicle insurance policy issued by Dunav Insurance


What is the territorial scope of the policy?

This insurance attaches on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, within the geographical boundaries of Europe including the entire territory of Turkey and/or the territory of other countries of the Green Card System, depending on the chosen insurance package.

How many times a year may I use the policy?

The insurance protection is limited to three insured occurrences during the year.

This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


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