May discounts for agricultural insurance

For Everyone’s Gain!
Protect your year-long labour and investment and ensure certain agricultural yield.

Take advantage of discounts of up to 15 %.


Insurance of crops and fruit

Stay carefree from sowing to harvesting

Damages in insurance of crops and fruit occur almost on a regular basis. The insurance of crops and fruit provides you with a possibility to renew the production in the following year, whereas your livelihood will not be threatened even in the event of total losses.


Insurance of animal

Ensure smooth and carefree animal breeding

Insurance of animals is a protection against constant threat of damages that may disrupt production and result in unexpected losses. Our goal is to enable you to smoothly and freely develop your cattle stock and reduce any production losses to the minimum.


Soil moisture deficit insurance

Stay safe, even in drought period

Everything is ready for sowing. You performed necessary soil tests and dressing, but are still concerned about possible drought that may threaten your yield. Do not worry, we present our unique soil moisture deficit (drought) index insurance intended for legal entities and individuals – farm owners on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Belgrade and Mačva.