We are the guarantor of safety of goods, valuables and passengers you carry along all your roads. It is good to arrange the insurance coverage always and in any case.

Goods in transit

Be known for safe transport of goods

Goods in transit are prone to damages. We always worry about the safe arrival of our goods to the final destination. Dunav Insurance Company is a reliable partner to the owners of goods, freight forwarders and carriers in road, rail, air, marine, river, combined, pipeline and postal transport. We guarantee safety of your goods, valuables and passengers on all your roads.



Safely navigate your ways in-between harbours!

When you are out on the water in your ship, yacht, boat or other vessel, there are two most important things – first, be safe and second, be responsible to others. Make sure you have timely arranged your insurance cover and embark on a carefree voyage.



Ensure a safe flight!

Purchasing an airplane or helicopter is a long-term and strategic decision, made by careful considering of all specifications of the aircraft, from the aircraft body through the engine to the standard instruments and equipment. Aircraft safety is even more important. It is recommended that you arrange the Aircraft Insurance Policy and secure full safety and air-worthiness of your aircraft.