Broaden your horizons with new travels!
Travels first leave you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller. Fill you stories with beautiful travel memories. Pack your suitcases and unpack your worries with travel health insurance or travel insurance package.

What does travel insurance include?

Costs of emergency medical assistance

ServiceTravel health insuranceTravel insurance package
Level of coverStandardVIPStandardVIP
Outpatient treatment
Prescription drugs
Medical supplies
Orthopaedic aids
Necessary diagnostic procedures
Treatment in the nearest appropriate hospital
Treatment in a specialized clinic
Emergency treatments of critical emergency cases (surgeries and related costs)
Dental treatmentup to 150 €up to 150 €up to 150 €up to 150 €
Follow-up examination by the authorised doctor

Transportation costs

ServiceTravel health insuranceTravel insurance package
Level of coverStandardVIPStandardVIP
Transportation expenses to a doctor’s office or hospital
Repatriation to the country of residence up to 5000€up to 5000€up to 5000€up to 5000€
Repatriation of remains or funeralup to 5000€up to 5000€up to 5000€up to 5000€
Return of children left without guardianship up to 1500€up to 1500€
Visit of a close person, 75 EUR per day, and maximum for 3 days
Urgent delivery of medicationsup to 100€up to 100€

Assistance costs

ServiceTravel health insuranceTravel insurance package
Level of coverStandardVIPStandardVIP
Call to the Contact Centre 0–24
Organisation of emergency medical assistance
Organisation of emergency transportation to the healthcare institution
Organisation of transport to the country of residence
Organisation of transport of the remains
Organisation of return of children left without guardianship
Organisation of transport of a close person for the purpose of visit
Organisation of medication delivery
Urgent messaging

Organisation of travel and legal assistance

ServiceTravel health insuranceTravel insurance package
Level of coverStandardVIPStandardVIP
Organisation of translation services
Referral to the representatives of local bodies, embassies and consulates
Arrangements regarding the lost or stolen personal documents
Providing information on the nearest towing services or car repair shops
Organising legal assistance
Providing information on the journey, visa regime, customs regulations, exchange rate lists and other information
Providing for money lending serviceup to 5% SIup to 5% SI

Additional covers

ServiceTravel health insuranceTravel insurance package
Level of coverStandardVIPStandardVIP
Sports risk
Carrying on paid professional activities and jobs on temporary work abroad in the field of construction, erection of buildings, and other labours
Accident insurance
Civil liability insurance
Insurance against cancellation of tourist travel
Luggage insurance

Important questions

Who can take out this insurance?

All persons – nationals of Serbia, as well as foreign nationals provided that they have a residence or temporary residence permit in the Republic of Serbia. The insurance can be written as individual, group (10 and more persons) and family (3 to 9 persons, where minimum one person is 19 years of age or over, or minimum one person is younger than 19).

What does price of insurance depend on?

Price depends on: territorial scope i.e. geographic area for which cover is provided, selected sum insured, selected level of cover, age, and the agreed insurance period.

What is the procedure when emergency medical assistance is required?

Necessary information and instruction upon the occurrence of the insured event will be provided to you when you dial the number of our Call Centre +381 11 36-36-940, 24 hours, 365 days.

Who bears the costs of emergency healthcare abroad?

We will bear all the costs that are in accordance with your insurance cover. To be sure what is covered by your insurance, call the Call Centre that will take over further assistance. The costs of up to 50 EUR are borne by you and can be reimbursed after your return to the country, with saved bills and medical documents.

Can travel insurance be contracted from abroad?

You can contract the policy only before you start traveling abroad. The premium is paid before the beginning of the insurance period, in advance and in full, whereas the insurance is valid from the moment of crossing the border and includes the countries through which you pass to the final destination. Travel cancellation coverage is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Can I take out insurance against sports risk?

After paying an additional amount of premium, you can also arrange insurance coverage for injuries or illnesses caused by sports risk i.e. the risk of amateur and recreational skiing (skiing and snowboarding) and other sports, as well as the risk of participating in sports trainings and competitions.

Does the travel insurance cover medical assistance in case of infection with the Covid19?

The standard insurance cover includes compensation for the costs of emergency medical care, or the costs of necessary emergency treatment for the insured in cases of COVID-19 infection, as well as in case of epidemics and pandemics.

This text is provided for information purposes. More detailed information and proposal created according to your needs can be obtained in all Company’s points of sale or by call to a toll-free number 0800 386 286.


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