Imagine your life with no smart device.
No fast communication.
No endless source of information.
No memories.
Why expose yourself to such stress?

In cooperation with Allianz Partners and Triglav Insurance, Dunav Insurance Company has developed a new product – insurance of mobile telephones. If you as well are buying new mobile phone at mts outlets, choose smart option, take out insurance for your device and activate new features.

 Five reasons to insure your mobile device:

  1. One of three persons breaks his/her phone in the first year of use
  2. Two telephones are stolen every second
  3. Repair by an unauthorised repair shop is risky and expensive
  4. Guarantee does not cover all losses
  5. Peace is priceless

How to buy insurance?

Fast and easy at MTS sales point

  • Choose a phone in MTS branch office
  • Choose a post-paid tariff that suits you
  • Buy insurance
  • Pay monthly through the bill for MTS services

Monthly premium:

Price of device in RSD Monthly premium in RSD Deductible in EUR
up to 19.360 199,50 30
up to 38.720 378,00 45
up to 76.230 714,00 60
up to 145.200 882,00 95
up to 217.800 1.029,00 140

Insured risks:

  • Physical damages
  • Damages caused by liquids
  • Burglary and robbery
  • Unauthorised use of a device

How to notify a claim?

  • Report the occurrence of loss event within 3 days, from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 hours
  • Contact center: 0800 130 147 – free call
  • Mail address:
  • At MTS sales points
  • Take an insured device to the closest sales point
  • Complete the claim notification form
  • Pay deductible if such damage is covered by the insurance
  • You shall receive a notification, as soon as possible, on taking over a device at MTS sales point

For further information contact the call center:  0800 130 147

Special terms and conditions for comprehensive insurance of mobile telephones and other mobile devices