Insurance description

Are you planning a trip? In good company or alone? On business, tourist or adventure? Exotic beaches or ski slopes?
You should enjoy every moment of travel. Do not let sudden and unexpected events spoil your precious moments.
Dunav Insurance Company a.d.o, with over 140 years long tradition, knows your needs and thinks of you. Protect your health, luggage, think of those you could unintentionally injure. Even if you are prevented from travelling, due to unexpected events, we have a solution.
Travel Insurance Package cannot prevent the occurrence of unpleasant events, but can certainly mitigate the adverse effects.

Who, when and how can be insured?

The insurance can be written as individual, group or family.
Persons up to and including 79 years of age can qualify for individual insurance, whereas persons up to and including 84 years of age are eligible for group and family coverage.
The insurance contract can only be concluded before setting off on a trip abroad.
This insurance policy cannot be ordered from a foreign country.

What is the agreed period and territorial scope of this insurance?

The insurance contract for the agreed standard and extended insurance coverage i.e. luggage insurance covers all the insured persons, during the entire trip and stay beyond the borders of the Republic of Serbia and is valid on the territories of all the transit countries to the final destination specified in the insurance policy.
Insurance against cancellation of trips is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Terms and conditions for travel insurance package

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Scope of cover

The agreed scope of cover may include the standard or extended standard cover (VIP). The extended cover (VIP) includes the standard and extended covers, pursuant to the Travel Health Package Terms and Conditions and can be agreed for all kinds of trips.
The Policyholder and/or Insured pays the additional insurance premium for the extended insurance cover (VIP).
The agreed sum insured specified in the policy represents the upper limit of the Insurer’s liability to an insured individual for the agreed insurance period.
Individual sublimits for the agreed scope of cover are part of the agreed sum insured and do not increase the maximum liability of the Insurer in relation to the sum insured specified in the insurance policy.
The limit of the Insurer’s liability in the transit countries is the sum insured, contracted for the country of final destination.
Individual sub-limits for the agreed scope of cover defined under the Insurance Terms and Conditions, in the part referring to the Travel Health Insurance, can be increased by 100% if the Policyholder, who is also the Insured, agrees on the 100% increased sum insured when concluding the insurance policy, and pays the adequate insurance premium.

Standard insurance cover

Travel Insurance Package Policy provides standard insurance cover for tourist and business trips of less than 90 continuous days.

Standard insurance cover includes:

  • Travel Health Insurance, including travel and legal assistance and/or money lending
  • Accident Insurance and
  • Public Liability Insurance

In case of unexpected illness or injury, Travel Health Insurance guarantees the payment of the following expenses:

  • emergency medical assistance
  • necessary assistance in organizing treatment of the insured person
  • transportation to a health institution or a country of residence
  • organization of travel and legal assistance
  • organization of the lent money delivery.

The Policy of Dunav Insurance Company a.d.o. ensures a top-quality health service, 24/7, in compliance with the international standards.
Emergency money lending is provided only for covering the expenses reasonably incurred for overnight accommodation, transport and food and of the insured persons in case of stolen, destroyed or damaged personal documents, payment and/or credit cards, travel documents or securities, while outside the country of residence.
The Accident Insurance covers, in accordance with its conditions, the accidental death or permanent incapacity for work (disability) of the insured person during the stay abroad.
Under the Insurance Terms and Conditions, personal Public Liability Insurance covers the personal public liability for damages unintentionally caused to third parties, in the course of your everyday activities during the trip or stay abroad, which may result in death, bodily injury or health deterioration and/or damage to or destruction of third party belongings, and may lead to a claim compensation by a claimant.

Insurance conditions

Supplementary Insurance Covers

Supplementary Insurance covers are written exclusively as a rider to the standard insurance cover. Depending on your wishes and needs, you may choose to buy either one or both of the following:
Under the Insurance Terms and Conditions for Luggage Insurance covers the expenses due to loss of, damage to, or destruction of your luggage during the trip abroad and/or while returning to the country of residence, as well as during the stay in the country of destination, which does not exceed 28 continuous days.

If you have paid for an organized trip in a travel agency and are prevented from taking the trip by unexpected circumstances, the Trip Cancellation Insurance will cover the money paid to the travel agency. Trip Cancellation Insurance can be contracted only when signing the contract on organized trip, and, exceptionally, maximum three days upon signing such a contract.

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