Insurance can be written as individual or group.

Sports organisations, individuals and legal entities can contract the insurance of athletes for a period of one year or only for a particular competition.

Persons with complete incapacity for work cannot be insured.

In case of the occurrence of an insured event during sports activity, while coming to/from a training session or competition or performing any duties by order of the organisation management, the Beneficiary and/or Insured are entitled to:

• Sum Insured in the event of death, if the accident resulted in the Insured’s death
• A percentage of the Sum Insured in proportion to the disability percent, if the accident resulted in the Insured’s disability

and, if additionally agreed and in consideration of the premium payment:

• Agreed amount for the reimbursement of medical expenses paid by the Insured himself, that are not covered under the State Health Plan, but are accident-related
• Agreed daily allowance, if the accident resulted in the Insured’s temporary incapacity for work


Sums Insured for an amateur volleyball player:
• Death – 200,000 Dinars
• Disability 400.000 Dinars
Annual premium amounts to 672 Dinars.