Under this insurance, the Policyholder can be a primary, secondary and vocational school, two-year college, four-year college and faculty that concludes the accident insurance for its full-time and part-time pupils and/or students.

The persons insured under these provisions are covered regardless of their medical condition, general working capacity and age.
The insurance covers the accidents that occur at school, home, on sports field, outing, summer vacation and at other places, 24 hours a day, at each and every location.

If the insurance contract is concluded, every pupil/student, for whom the premium has been paid, is insured against accidents, such as: fall, slipping, hitting by an object, stroke of electric current or lightning, traffic accident, wounding, burns, poisoning and the like, that can result in temporary work incapacity, disability and/or fracture of bones, medical expenses, hospital stay or death of the Insured.

The insurance commences at 00.00 hours on the date specified in the policy as the inception date and terminates at 24.00 hours on the date specified in the policy as the termination date, and/or at 24.00 hours on the date when the Insured ceased to be the pupil/student.

We offer you an opportunity to conclude the insurance against the following:

  • Permanent loss of general working capacity (disability) – the Insurer, depending on the agreed method of insurance, pays out the indemnity in accordance with the determined disability percentage and/or pays out the single indemnity in the event of accidental bone fracture. In the event of bone fracture, the Insurer pays out the single indemnity for the bone fracture due to accident, even when the accident has resulted in the bone fracture with no permanent consequences and has not caused permanent loss of the general working capacity (disability).
  • Temporary work incapacity (daily allowance) – if the accident has resulted in the Insured’s incapacity for school work in excess of 10 days, the Insurer pays out the agreed daily allowance for the period exceeding 30 days of the incapacity,
  • Health impairment involving medical assistance (medical expenses) – if, due to an accident, the Insured suffered the health impairment requiring medical assistance, the Insurer shall indemnify for the actual and reasonable medical expenses that otherwise the Insured would have to pay for out of pocket, up to the agreed amount. Provided the additional contracting, the medical expenses may include payment of the agreed allowance for hospital days, for each and every day at a hospital, if the inpatient treatment was necessary upon the accident, but not to exceed 30 days per any one insured event.
  • Accidental death.

General and the Additional Terms and Conditions

The insurance of pupils/students is regulated under the General Terms and Conditions for Personal Accident Insurance and the Additional Terms and Conditions for Insurance of Pupils and Students against Accident.

For all detailed information regarding this insurance, please contact our branch, point of sale or business office by phone.