Why is this insurance important and specific?

Fire and other perils, covered under this insurance, may cause huge losses to your company, with possible long-tail harmful effects to your business. Your personal property, gained through age-long investments and sacrifice, may also be at risk. Unfortunately, it is generally not possible to avoid unexpected events with often far reaching consequences; financial problems resulting from such events can, nevertheless, be avoided – to this purpose, we recommend you take out a proper insurance policy against fire and allied perils.

What is insured?

Insured subject matter comprises:
• Various facilities and other immovable property (including their components): residential facilities, facilities of industries and crafts, farming facilities, roads, ongoing investments and various other facilities,
• Furniture, machinery, apparatus, devices and other equipment, tools and
• Stocks (of materials, semi-finished products, finished products, goods and fixed assets in preparation).

In addition to the above, the insurance may cover cash and securities, archive material, exhibits and works of art and the like.

Which risks are covered?

You choose which risks to cover, taking into account that the standard risks package comprises: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, and impact of own motor vehicle or mobile working machine onto a building, falling aircraft, manifestations and demonstrations.

If specially contracted, the insurance coverage may be provided against numerous additional risks, such as: flood, torrent and high water, landslide and landslip, soil settlement, avalanche, leakage, water damage, spontaneous combustion of stocks, escape of incandescent liquid melted mass, impact of unknown motor vehicle onto a building and earthquake.

What is the agreed insured value?

The insurance is written to the sum insured which denotes the value of the insured object. The sum insured also represents the maximum indemnity paid in the event of a risk occurrence and can be estimated by you or by an expert, or taken over from the bookkeeping records or contracted to the amount of the possible loss (“first loss” sum), where possible.

What does the premium amount depend on?

The premium amount is dependent upon sum insured, building category, class of protective measures, class of hazard, business activity performed, scope and amount of coverage, type of insured object, applied loadings and granted discounts.

What is indemnified in case of loss?

In case of loss or destruction, the indemnity covers the value of the object insured, up to sum insured. In case of damage, the costs of repair of the object insured (labour and material) are reimbursed. In addition, the costs incurred for removal of debris and demolition in relation with the insured occurrence are reimbursed.

What benefits can you expect?

Compliance with specific conditions principally referring to protective measures against insured risks, scope of cover, insurance period, method of payment etc. are among the factors that will make you eligible for a discount on the insurance premium stated by Dunav Insurance.

Additional questions

Should you need any additional information about the Household Contents Insurance or have any question regarding your personal property, or the property of your company or any other property you would be interested in insuring, please contact our nearest branch, point of sale or a business office by phone.