This insurance covers the professional liability of a real estate appraiser for pure financial losses caused to third parties, due to errors and omissions in the performance of activities related to the appraisal of real estate, for which the Insured is licenced and which represent the breach or deviation from due professional care stipulated by the law, professional standards and norms and the code of ethics.

Under this insurance, the Insured may be a licenced appraiser, that is, an individual who meets the professional qualification requirements for the appraisal of real estate.

The Insurer will indemnify all costs of civil procedure, if he has participated in such procedure alone or together with the Insured, or if he has given his approval that the Insured may conduct the procedure.

If you are a licenced real estate appraiser and wish to protect your property interests against confirmed claims of third party claimants, for more details in connection with this insurance please dial the contact telephone numbers of our braches, offices, or outlets.