This insurance covers professional liability of the Insured for pure financial losses caused to third parties in the course of performing the activities of a public enforcement officer. This insurance also covers the liability of the Insured for the actions of a deputy and assistant to public enforcement officer, actions of other persons working for the public enforcement officer, and the liability for the actions of persons who carry out particular enforcement and security activities, for and on behalf of the public enforcement officer.

It is considered that the insured event has occurred if the Insured, in the course of his professional activities, was in breach of the provisions of the Law on Enforcement and Security, provisions of other regulations, and has failed to meet his obligations stipulated in the Statute and other acts of the Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers.

The insurance covers the insured events occurred on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The Insurer will indemnify all costs of civil procedure, if he has participated in such procedure alone or together with the Insured, or if he has given his approval that the Insured may conduct the procedure.

If you carry on the activities of public enforcement officer and wish to protect your property interests against confirmed claims of third party claimants, for more details in connection with this insurance please dial the contact telephone numbers of our branches, offices, or outlets.