This insurance covers the civil liability of the Insured for pure financial losses caused to third parties due to errors and omissions in providing the liquidation services and/or arising from a violation of legal regulations governing this activity.

The subject of insurance also comprises any legal expenses incurred by the Insured with regard to the insured event.

The insured event is deemed to occur when the Insured person breaches any of his duties under the Law on Bankruptcy and/or in case of an error or omission in the Insured’s acting as a liquidator, for which the Insured is liable pursuant to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions for the Insurance of Professional Liability of Liquidators.

If you practice as a professional liquidator and wish to protect your property interest against material damages inflicted upon a third party, for which you are legally liable, be free to contact our nearest branch office, business office or point of sale for any further details.