This insurance covers the professional liability of intermediaries for pure financial losses caused to the Principal which occur as a consequence of omissions or errors in carrying out intermediation activities, due to the violation of the provisions of the Agreement on Intermediation or the obligations of the intermediaries stipulated by the Law on Intermediation in Trade and Lease of Real Estate.

The Insurer will indemnify all costs of civil procedure, if he has participated in such procedure alone or together with the Insured, or if he has given his approval that the Insured may conduct the procedure.

The insurance covers the insured events occurred in connection with the immovable property on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, unless otherwise agreed.

If you are an intermediary in trade and lease of real estate and wish to protect your property interests against confirmed claims of third party claimants, for more details in connection with this insurance please dial the contact telephone numbers of our braches, offices, or outlets.