This insurance covers the civil and legal liability of the Insured as a tour operator for the losses caused to a passenger by non-fulfilment, partial fulfilment or undue fulfilment of obligations defined in the General Terms and Conditions and travel program.

This insurance covers the liability of the Insured for the losses due to:

  • unrealised travels,
  • non-fulfilment or incomplete fulfilment of services included in the General Terms and Conditions and travel program.

The sum insured is the upper limit of Insurer’s liability per any one occurrence of the insured event and in the aggregate for the cover period and this sum is exhaustible, that is, it is decreased by the amount of each individually paid insurance indemnity. After the sum insured is fully exhausted, the insurance ceases to be effective.

The Insurer will indemnify all costs of civil procedure, if he has given his approval that the Insured may conduct the procedure.

If you wish to protect your property interests against confirmed claims of third party claimants, for more details in connection with this insurance please dial the contact telephone numbers of our braches, offices, or outlets.