This insurance covers the professional liability of a residential community manager for pure financial losses caused to a residential community, due to his omissions in work, and to each respective owner of a separate and/or independent part of the building, if due to the omissions in the work of a professional manager they suffer the loss to their separate and/or independent part.

According to this insurance, the Insured may be a professional manager who is an employee of a business organisation or an entrepreneur, and has a licence for the performance of his activities and is registered in the Register of professional managers, and who is entrusted with the building management under the decision of the Building Management Committee or decision of the relevant body of the local government unit (in the event of compulsory administration stipulated by the law).

The insured event is considered occurred if in the course of his activities the Insured took actions which were in breach of the provisions of the law and other regulations and failed to meet his obligations stipulated in the acts of the Chamber of Commerce and Rules of the Owners.

The insurance covers the insured events occurred on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The Insurer will indemnify all costs of civil procedure, if he has participated in such procedure alone or together with the Insured, or if he has given his approval that the Insured may conduct the procedure.

If you are a professional residential community manager and wish to protect your property interests against confirmed claims of third party claimants, for more details in connection with this insurance please dial the contact telephone numbers of our braches, offices, or outlets.