You own an older automobile?

Hull insurance is not necessarily intended for new and expensive automobiles. In evidence of this, Dunav Insurance Company has developed a new product – MINI hull, a unique product at an acceptable price. Due to the reduction in the sales of new automobiles and increasing age of the existing fleet in Serbia (and to other factors, as well), Dunav Insurance Company has recognised the need to expand its offer to the field of hull insurance for older automobiles.

Specifics and advantages of Dunav MINI Hull product

  • highest quality coverage on the Republic of Serbia automobile hull market, at minimum prices
  • intended exclusively for the owners of passenger motor vehicles of more than 4 years of age
  • the leased vehicles, rent-a-car vehicles and vehicles with foreign plates are not eligible for this insurance type
  • the insurance covers all the hull risks which are included under the full automobile hull insurance
  • at a more favourable price than the full automobile hull insurance
  • contracting to the exhaustible sum insured for the First Loss
  • by choosing one of the proposed options of the exhaustible sum insured and deductible of 5%, 10% or 20%, the insured person can protect his vehicle at a minimum charge – already at Eur 35
  • Possibility of contracting the additional theft risk, valid on the entire territory of Europe
  • especially interesting for the owners of vehicles with expiring leasing or loan agreements which stipulate the full hull insurance as a precondition for granting the arrangement, since the „Good driver“ discount is granted at the conclusion of mini hull insurance, to the percentage of the previously acquired bonus for the full automobile hull insurance.
  • 5% loyalty discount for the Insured who have concluded MTPL policy with Dunav Insurance Company.

Dunav MINI hull insurance of passenger motor vehicles includes:

  • coverage against damages to motor vehicles due to all hull risks
  • possibility of contracting the additional theft risk, regardless of risk characteristic of the vehicle, in consideration of the adequate additional premium payment and without requiring the installation of a protection device.
  • principle of contracting to the exhaustible sum insured for the First Loss, which may amount to 50, 70, 90 % of the vehicle replacement value, reduced by the percentage of wear and tear.
  • there is a new mandatory absolute amount deductible of Eur 50 in dinar equivalent, as well as a choice between the relative percentage deductible of 5% , 10% or 20%
  • the insured person who concludes the contract on MINI hull insurance for the first time and has previously been granted a particular percentage bonus on the automobile hull insurance policy, shall be entitled to the same discount percentage on MINI hull insurance.
  • the insurance premium refers to the period of one year or shorter and cannot be less than Eur 35 in dinar equivalent.