Subject of insurance can be:

Civil liability of the insured for any losses of third parties arising from the insured’s activities or concluded service agreement or possession or use of marina area.

Insured risks

The insurer is obliged to indemnify the insured against any losses sustained by third parties as a consequence of his responsibility or responsibility of any person for whom the insured is responsible, namely:

a) to a ship, boat, yacht or other vessel (hereinafter: „ship“), whilst under the insured’s supervision and for the purpose of its safekeeping and maintenance in the marina area,
b) to a ship and outside the marina area if the ship has left the marina for the purpose of insured’s execution of works that could not be executed in the marina area, provided that the ship is under constant supervision of the insured:

  • to dismantled ship parts in the marina area, including theft and loss of any such part,
  • against theft of ship items and its parts whilst in the marina area,
  • due to third person’s death, bodily injury or health impairment, save for insured’s employees and his subcontractors,
  • damage to third person’s property.

Insurance does not cover:

  • losses arising from any intentional acts or acts of gross negligence of the insured, his employees and/or subcontractors,
  • losses arising from the ship being neglected, worn-out  and battered and of which the insured was aware or must have been aware,
  • losses incurred as a result of default in fulfilment of assumed liabilities under the service agreement in respect of ship maintenance,
  • damages to the part of the ship with latent defect,
  • losses arising from force majeure (storm, wind, lightning, bad weather), the insured is not liable for,
  • losses arising from faulty or incompetent act of the ship owner,
  • expenses incurred for painting of the part of the ship that was not damaged,
  • losses caused by war, warlike events, lock-out, terrorism, civil commotions and similar events,
  • theft or damage for any reason inflicted upon any paintings and precious metal items, money, securities and the like,
  • damages to computers, radio and TV sets, video technology, music equipment, optical instruments and cameras, except for damages due to ship sinking, fire and explosion,
  • removal of wreck expenses,
  • losses caused by rodents on the ship and in the marina area,
  • losses arising from freezing of engine cooling system due to omissions of the owner while operating the ship,
  • receivables arising from a loss or inability to use tangible or intangible property, loss of data, disclosure of confidential information or any other loss which is directly or indirectly related to receiving or transferring a computer virus or other malicious program via the Internet or by any other electronic means, as well as by unauthorized interference with the Internet connection, network, computer or telecommunications device.

When taking over a vessel for the purpose of safekeeping, the insured is obliged to enter into a standard service agreement with the vessel owner.
Marina must have a constant, 24-hour security service and the area must be properly enclosed and secured.

The insured can neither admit his liability or any individual loss, nor reach a settlement without prior approval by the insurer.

The insured shall be obliged to report any claim to the insurer immediately after gaining knowledge thereof.
The claim report should contain all the data known to the insured at that moment.

The insured shall be obliged to immediately report to the competent authorities any losses arising from theft, death, bodily injury or health impairment of third party.

The insured shall be obliged to immediately forward to the insurer any received claim, along with the entire documentation.

By payment of indemnity, all rights of the insured towards any persons liable for loss are transferred onto the insurer within the limits of the paid indemnity. In order to exercise such rights, the insured is obliged to take all legal and other measures to ensure and retain all rights towards the persons liable for the incurred loss as well as to obtain and submit all required documents to the insurer.