Liability insurance of dispatchers – freight forwarders provides liability coverage for all forwarding services.

The insurance covers the liability of freight forwarders, as dispatchers, for damages inflicted upon individuals and legal entities who ordered the forwarding services in the course of performing the forwarding activities under of the concluded forwarding contract.

The insurance coverage may extend to include the liability of the Insured who performs the  activities of warehousing and preparing the consignments for shipment, such as packaging, sorting, labelling, measuring of quantity and weight, loading, unloading and reloading, in consideration of an additional premium charged.

The maximum liability of the Insurer (sum insured) is agreed for any one occurrence and in the aggregate for the insurance period.

In case of actual liability of the Insured for a loss of or damage to the goods, the Insurer’s liability is limited to 2 special drawing rights (SDR) per kilogram of gross weight of lost or damaged goods.

The contract on liability insurance of freight forwarders is written for the period of one year, unless otherwise agreed.



Liability of the Insured, as an organizer and contractual carrier of goods, towards the transport user arising from the performance of international multimodal transport of goods taken over for transportation under FIATA Bill of Lading (FBL), namely from the following:

  • evidenced total or partial loss of consignment,
  • damage to consignment occurred during the insurance period,
  • losses arising from delays in delivery.

The Insurer is obliged to reimburse the Insured/transport user against all reasonable amounts which the Insured is obliged to pay by way of freight forwarder’s liability under the provisions of FIATA FBL.

This insurance covers only the liability of the Insured arising under the provisions of FIATA bill of lading and not the extended liability which the freight-forwarder assumed under the contract on dispatch and carriage of consignment.