This insurance is primarily intended for all entities who are legally obliged to take out the liability insurance policy against damages in transportation of hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances are defined under the Law on Transportation of Hazardous Substances (Official Gazette of the FRY No.27/90), Decree on Transportation of Hazardous Goods in Road and Railway Transport (Official Gazette of the RS, No.53/02) and similar international conventions ratified by competent government authorities.

The coverage applies to the liability of the owner or holder of the right to use the goods characterised as hazardous, against possible damages to third parties in the course of transportation of hazardous substances resulting in death, bodily injury or health impairment and/or property damage and/or environmental pollution.

The insurance coverage is provided against adverse effects of an explosion, sudden expansion of harmful fumes, leakage of hazardous substances, damages to a transportation vehicle caused by external thermic or chemical effects and other unexpected or uncontrolled events causing the pollution.

We, as the Insurer, are obliged to settle all valid claims and take measures to protect the Insured against the unfounded and excessive claims of third parties.

Should you have any questions about this line of insurance, you may contact our nearest branch office, business office or point of sale.