Why is this insurance important and specific?

Fire, flood, burglary and robbery and/or any other hazard covered by this insurance may destroy or seriously damage household contents which you have taken good care of for many years. In order to promptly mitigate the consequences of adverse events and carry on with your life without having to spend money on the purchase of new objects, we suggest that you insure your household contents.

What is insured?

Subject of insurance are the following:
• Objects in permanently occupied apartments owned by you or any of your household members
• Household contents kept in the loft, cellar, garage, on the balcony or in the shed
• Home decor items, personal effects, cash, securities, objects of art, valuables and collections (stamp and coin).

If specially stipulated, the insurance cover may be provided for whitewashing, wall painting, wallpapers and various wall, floor and ceiling linings in the apartment, cellar, garage or shed, as well as window-panes and door glass.

Which risks are covered?

This insurance provides the cover against the package of standard risks: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, falling aircraft, manifestations and demonstrations, flood and torrent, water damage, landslide and landslip, avalanche, burglary and robbery and liability.

If specially stipulated, the insurance cover may be provided for window-panes and door glass against breakage and/or for the risk of earthquake.

What does the premium amount depend on?

The amount of premium depends on the agreed sum insured, scope and amount of cover (additional covers and covers of property and interests of higher value) and on granted discounts.

What is the agreed insured value?

The insurance is written to total sum insured. The sum insured is determined by you, and it should be as close as possible to the actual value of the insured household contents. The sum insured represents maximum indemnity amount.

What is indemnified in case of loss?

In case of loss or destruction of the contents, the indemnity is determined according to the value of the insured object, up to the sum insured. In the event of damage, the costs of repair of the object insured are reimbursed.

What benefits can you expect?

If you had already taken out the Insurance of Household Contents with our Company, and reported no losses in the previous period, you may be granted a special discount on the insurance premium by Dunav Insurance.

Additional questions?

Should you need any additional information about the Insurance of Household Contents or have any questions regarding your personal property, please do not hesitate to call the contact telephones of our nearest branch, point of sale or a business office.