Why is this insurance important and specific?

Every household includes a number of appliances and devices which can easily be damaged or broken due to the impact of external or internal factors. If you have already obtained a household contents insurance and protected your budget from the consequences of fire, theft, flood and other perils, we propose the opportunity to additionally insure appliances and devices against hazards which are, in terms of statistics, very frequent though not included under the standard package.

What is insured?

Subject matter of insurance comprises appliances and devices classified as follows:
• Whiteware
• Audio/video devices
• Other devices and appliances
• Home tools and machines
• Personal computer
• Protection systems

Which risks are covered?

This line of insurance provides coverage against damage to or destruction of the insured items due to operational accident, which is understood to mean any sudden and unexpected event arising in relation with the usage of the insured item due to:
• Faulty material or workmanship
• Direct impact of electric power (short circuit, atmospheric and other overvoltage, electric arc, frequent voltage fluctuations etc.)
• Failure of safety and regulation devices and/or automatic control instruments
• Impact of lightning, transfer of electric power through power lines

What is the agreed insured value?

The client himself defines the sum insured for each individual item and it should denote the actual value of the item. The sum insured is the maximum indemnity amount.

What does the premium amount depend on?

Premium amount depends upon the agreed sum insured, type of device or appliance, agreed loading and granted discounts.

What is indemnified in case of loss?

In case of destroyed or missing items, the indemnity covers the value of the insured item up to the sum insured reduced by the salvage value. In case of damage, the costs of repair of the insured item are reimbursed. To avoid the indemnity reduction by wear and tear, the premium loading may be agreed for the surrender of depreciated value.

The costs of transportation of damaged items to a repair shop will be included in the total costs calculation.

What benefits can you expect?

If you have previously concluded the Household Appliances and Devices Insurance with our Company and reported no losses in the previous period, you may be granted a special discount on the insurance premium charged by Dunav Insurance.

Additional questions

Should you need any additional information about the Household Appliances and Devices Insurance or have a question with regard to your household property cover, please contact our nearest branch, point of sale or a business office by phone.