The Insurance Extended to Cover Household Members against Accident may be effected regardless of age, health, and general working capacity, as individual insurance (members of one household) or as group insurance (members of at least ten households).

All household members individually indicated in the Insurance Contract, who live in the same apartment or a house (even when temporarily residing at another address) will have the capacity of the Insured.

Upon the occurrence of an accident, the Insured/Insurance Beneficiary is entitled to:

– the sum insured in case of death, in the event of accidental death of the Insured,

– the percent of the sum insured for disability, which corresponds to the disability percent determined in the agreed package, in the event of Insured’s disability due to accident,

– the sum insured in case of death due to a traffic accident (with the simultaneous payment of the sum insured in case of death),

– the sum insured for surgical intervention directly caused by an accident, resulting in permanent disability of the Insured,

– hospital days (up to 30 days).

The insurance may be effected as Main Package, Package Plus or VIP Package. The scope of Insurer’s liability and the calculation of insurance indemnity in the event of permanent disability depends on the agreed package: progression 150% (Package Plus) or progression 200% (VIP Package).

All members of the same household may be insured only according to the same package variant, and to the same main sum insured.


Breakdown of the structure of the sums insured for the offered risk packages using the example of the selected main sum insured of 100.000 Dinars, with annual premium from 790 Dinars, depending on the desired package:

Main Package Package Plus VIP Package
Accidental death 100.000 100.000 100.000
Disability 100% 200.000 300.000 400.000
Death due to a traffic accident 30.000 40.000 50.000
Surgical interventions 5.000 7.500 10.000
Hospital days 200 250 300

A discount on insurance premium is envisaged as an additional benefit for group cover (more than 10 households).

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