Dunav Insurance Company, first among the Insurers, offers simple insurance products at a competitive price, the purpose of which is the security of customs debt in transit procedure:

  • Insurance of customs debt in common transit procedure,
  • Insurance of customs debt in national transit procedure

Dunav Insurance Company is recognised by local and international customs authorities as a guarantor in the NCTS system.

Under the Contract on the Insurance of Customs Debt in the Common / National Transit Procedure, the Insurer-Guarantor is obliged to provide insurance coverage for the potential customs debt of the Insured – holder of the procedure in transit procedure.

On the basis of the concluded contract, Dunav Insurance Company issues the following:

  • Guarantee document in the common transit procedure, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Common Transit Procedure,


  • Guarantee document in the national transit procedure, used by the Insured in the national transit, in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law and Regulation on Customs Procedures and Customs Formalities.

The advantages of the guarantee provided by the insurance of customs debt in transit procedure are the following:

  • speed and simplicity of the insurance conclusion,
  • favourable price of insurance,
  • no special fees for application processing and guarantee issuance,
  • insurance does not burden balance sheet items and does not influence the level of the Insured’s total debt
For detailed information regarding this insurance, please dial the telephone number of our nearest branch, office or outlet.