Individual Voluntary Health Insurance provides for the additional level of health protection and allows the Insured to simply use the services of private healthcare practices without having to worry about the costs.

Wish to be healthy is already half of being healthy – take out an individual voluntary health insurance cover.

For whom is Individual Voluntary Health Insurance intended?

Individual Voluntary Health Insurance is intended for any person with a registered residence / stay in the Republic of Serbia.
This insurance is intended for persons with a status of the Insured under the compulsory health insurance, as well as for persons who are not covered by the compulsory health insurance.
The insurance is also intended for foreign citizens with a temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia.

What are the period and territorial scope of a Voluntary Health Insurance Contract?

The insurance contract is concluded for a definite period of time, not exceeding one year, with the possibility of extension.
The agreed insurance coverage is valid on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

How do I contract an insurance cover?

The agreed type and scope of cover depend on the selected sum insured and may include the following:

–   Outpatient treatment;
–   Hospital treatment;
–   Pregnancy healthcare;
–   Costs of prescription medicines;
–   Ophthalmological services;
–   Dental services;
–   Preventive health care insurance (general check-up);
–   Services of physiatrists and speech therapists.

Determining insurance premium and method of premium payment

The insurance premium is determined according to the agreed sum insured, the structure of coverage, the age at entry of the Insured and on other bases.
The premium is paid in dinars, within the terms defined under the Insurance Contract and/or Policy.

Exercising rights under insurance contracts

You need to call the Medical Call Centre and the operator will refer you to one of the healthcare institutions where you can exercise your rights under the agreed level of coverage and the period of insurance and/or in accordance with the Special Terms and Conditions for Individual Voluntary Health Insurance.

The contract on Individual Voluntary Health Insurance is concluded at the Company’s points of sale and you can get any additional information by calling free of charge 0800 386 286.

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