For whom is Voluntary Health Insurance intended?

Voluntary Health Insurance, as a higher-level health care, is intended for persons who, at the moment of concluding the insurance contract:

  • have the status of an insured person under the Compulsory Health Insurance Plan of the Republic of Serbia,
  • are not covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance Plan or
  • are excluded from the Compulsory Health Insurance Plan.

This insurance is also intended for foreign nationals with a temporary stay in the Republic of Serbia.

How and for whose benefit is Voluntary Health Insurance concluded?

Insurance may be concluded:

  • for the benefit of each and every person, regardless of his/her years of age
  • without previous medical examination.

In the event of contracting double sum insured, the sub-limits shall increase by 20%.

Term and territorial scope of Voluntary Health contract

Insurance contract is concluded to the limited period not exceeding one year, with possible extensions.
The agreed coverage is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

How to conclude insurance coverage?

The following types of coverage may be concluded:

  • standard coverage and
  • extended coverage

Under standard coverage, the Insurer compensates i.e. covers the costs of:

  • required medical treatment:  outpatient treatment, purchase of medications prescribed by an authorised physician, procurement of medical supplies necessary for remedy of injuries, procurement of temporary orthopaedic aids prescribed by an authorised physician, necessary diagnostic procedures, treatment in medical institutions at all health care levels, outpatient physical therapy, domiciliary care, homeopathy and acupuncture and, where necessary, treatment in a specialised clinic, costs of urgent dental care.
  • required transportation: to a medical institution and from a medical institution to the Insured’s residence.

Extended coverage is stipulated as a rider to the standard coverage and, in consideration of an additional premium, compensates for the costs of:

  • pregnancy health care
  • childbirth and
  • new-born healthcare.

Statement of the insurance premium and method of payment

Insurance premium is stated according to age at entry and gender of the Insured, type and purpose of stay, stipulated sum insured, insurance period, scope of cover and on other bases.
Premium is paid in Dinars, within the terms stipulated under the insurance contract and/or policy.
If the Policyholder and/or Insured is a foreign national, he/she is obliged to pay the full premium in advance at the moment of conclusion of the insurance contract.


By dialling the Call Centre of Dunav Insurance Company a.d.o, you will be referred to one of the health care institutions for exercising your rights under the stipulated cover scope, in the agreed period, pursuant to the Special Terms and Conditions. Voluntary Health Insurance contract can be concluded at all points of sale of Dunav Insurance Company a.d.o. For any additional information, you may call: 0800 386 286.

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