Household Insurance is one of the widest-spread insurance lines and an indispensable part of daily lives of citizens around the world. However, less than one tenth of Serbian citizens have any form of property insurance. Fire statistics in Serbia and floods that have again become topical are but one more reminder of the fact that regardless of the current economic and social circumstances, we are the only ones who can really ensure the protection of our property. The fastest and most accessible form of such protection is through the insurance policy taken out from your Dunav Insurance Company.
For good many years Dunav Insurance Company has been offering different models of individual property insurance, both for buildings and contents therein– standard insurance against fire and allied perils for occupied apartments, combined insurance of unoccupied apartments and holiday homes, combined insurance of household contents, etc.


With Comprehensive Household Insurance – Home Guard package, the Company offers, in a single policy, a comprehensive insurance package of a good quality with a wide range of covered risks and with an additional option to change and expand this package to tailor it to specific needs and budget of each particular household.
This product is intended for owners and lease-holders of permanently occupied buildings (houses /apartments) situated on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Example – HOME GUARD standard package

Subject of insurance Sum insured (RSD)* Monthly premium (RSD)
Residential building, area 50m2 3,000,000.00 309,00
Household contents 600,000.00
* Limits for the risks: water damage, burglary and robbery, glass breakage and breakage of installations are defined in the Insurance Terms and Conditions.


It is quite simple to take out Home Guard package and get the cover for :

  • occupied buildings (houses and apartments) including fixtures and fittings therein
  • household contents
  • liability of household members, in their daily lives in the capacity of private individuals and liability arising from the possession of immovable property
  • insurance of household members against accident.

In addition to the above, this insurance can also cover:

  • bathroom fixtures
  • auxiliary buildings and contents therein
  • common parts of building
  • objects of art.


Home Guard package notably provides insurance protection against standard risk and, experientially, the risks which most frequently affect households, as follows:

  • fire
  • lightning
  • storm
  • hail
  • explosion
  • fall of an aircraft
  • manifestations and demonstrations
  • impact of own motor vehicle into an insured building structure
  • water damage
  • burglary and robbery
  • glass breakage
  • breakage of installations

In addition to the above risks, the product provides the option to include additional and, in the last years, frequently occurring risks in Serbia. These are notably:

  • earthquake
  • floods and torrents,

In addition to these two risks that you will certainly find interesting, the Company also provides insurance protection against unexpected risks: snow pressure, fall of a tree, smoke, wantonness and vandalism, atmospheric waters, impact of an unknown motor vehicle, general liability and accident of household members.

Example – HOME GUARD Lux Package (HOME GUARD standard package + additional cover)

Subject of insurance Sum insured (RSD)* Monthly premium (RSD)
Residential building, area 50m2 3,000,000.00 556.00
Household contents 600,000.00
Liability 60,000.00
Accident (3 household members) Disability 200,000.00
Accidental death 100,000.00
* Limits for the risks: water damage, burglary and robbery, glass breakage, breakage of installations and flood are defined in the Insurance Terms and Conditions, and the sum insured for unexpected risk amounts to 50,000 RSD.

As special benefits included in our offer we would like to point out that in the event of the occurrence of the risk of fire, the Company reimburses the rental costs for temporary accommodation of the family, including the transport of the remaining household contents, up to the amount of 500 EUR, and the costs of preventive replacement of the lock on the building due to the disappearance of keys, up to the amount of 100 EUR.

The premium amount depends on the value of your property, area of the residential building and on the selected package of cover, that is, on the number of risks /subjects of insurance which you opted for.

Depending on the agreed insurance period, number of risks added to the standard cover, and one or more years of insurance without a claim, we grant discounts up to 15%.

Premium payment method is up to you. Depending on your specific needs, payments can be made quarterly, semi-annually or annually.