Group Voluntary Health Insurance is a benefit that increases the motivation of your employees and provides highest quality medical services and privileged treatment, without the need to worry about the expenses.
Health is life and the road to health is our common goal, so let us set off for keeping our greatest wealth. Be a socially responsible employer, choose the best for your successful and loyal team.
Take out Voluntary Health Insurance.

Who is intended user of Group Voluntary Health Insurance?

Group Voluntary Health Insurance, as a higher level of healthcare, is intended for employees, members of a group on some other basis or users of Policyholder’s services to the extent that such persons are named in the insurance policy.
The Insured may be a member of a family and/or spouse or common law partner of the Insured as well as the Insured’s biological children or adoptees up to 26 years of age.
This insurance is intended for a person who has the status of the Insured under the Compulsory Health Insurance Scheme as well as a person not covered under the Compulsory Health Insurance Scheme.
This insurance is also intended for foreign nationals with a temporary stay in the Republic of Serbia.

Period and territorial scope of Voluntary Health Insurance Contract?

The insurance contract is written for a definite period not exceeding one year, with possible extensions.
The agreed insurance cover is valid on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. By way of exception, the insurance cover may extend to the territory of other countries, but only for the members of a group who live and work in a foreign country.

How to contract insurance cover?

Contracting this type of insurance implies:

  • Standard insurance cover which may include
    –    Outpatient treatment,
    –     Inpatient treatment
  • Additional insurance covers, one or more, that may be effected provided standard insurance cover has been concluded and that include:
         Healthcare of expecting mothers,
         Costs of prescription drugs,
         Ophthalmological services,
         Dental services,
         Insurance of preventive healthcare (general check-up),
         Services of a physiatrist and speech therapists

Statement of insurance premium and method of premium payment

The insurance premium is stated according to the agreed sum insured, insurance period, scope of cover, age at entry of the Insured and other criteria.
Premium is paid in dinars, within the due dates defined under the insurance contract and/or policy.

Exercising rights under insurance contract

When you call the Medical Call Centre, the operator will refer you to one of the healthcare institutions where you may exercise your rights under the agreed scope of cover and agreed insurance period, pursuant to the Special Terms and Conditions for Group Voluntary Health Insurance.
Group Voluntary Health Insurance Contract is effected at the points of sale of the Company and the additional information are available by calling the telephone number: 0800 386 286.

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