Why is this insurance important and specific?
Computers and various computer equipment have become a backbone of any company, office and enterprise. Moreover, the number of PCs per capita is constantly growing. Nowadays, you can hardly imagine performing any kind of a business activity without using a computer. All relevant information is actually stored on various electronic data carriers and a computer failure will make it impossible to carry out ordinary daily activities and complex operations of production process and large system controls. Naturally, this is accompanied by considerable financial losses that can be avoided by taking out comprehensive insurance of electronic computers, processors and similar devices.

What is insured?

Subject matter of insurance is:
• Computers and similar devices with equipment
• Ancillary machines
• Air conditioning and energy supply devices
• Installations
• Processors

If specially contracted, the subject matter of insurance may include the material value of external data carriers, value of data on data carriers and/or the costs of renting another computer.
Which risks are covered?

This insurance provides coverage against numerous risks, such as: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, effects of water and steam, fall of an aircraft, manifestations and demonstrations, landslide and landslip, avalanches, machinery breakdown and/or burglary and robbery.

When specially stipulated, computer equipment can be covered against the risks of earthquake and/or the loss of data on data carriers due to any of the named perils.

What is the agreed insured value?

The insurance is written to the sum insured which denotes the value of the object insured. The sum insured is also the maximum indemnity payable in the event of a risk occurrence and can be estimated by you or by an expert, or taken over from the accounting records.

What does the premium amount depend on?

The premium amount depends on the sum insured, type of insured object, selected insurance of all or individual objects, the number of PCs insured, compulsory and contracted loadings and granted discounts.

What is indemnified in case of loss?

In the event of destruction, the indemnity amount equals the value of the insured object, whereas in case of damage, the costs of repair are reimbursed; in both cases, the indemnity will not exceed the value of the sum insured. To avoid indemnity deductions for wear and tear, there is an option to stipulate the loading for depreciation holdback in claims for partial losses for machinery breakdown insurance.

In any case, the insurance covers a particular percent of debris removal and cleaning costs incurred in connection with the insured event and/or the costs incurred in the attempts to eliminate the risk.

What benefits can you expect?

Adequate fire safety and anti-burglary measures, scope of cover, voluntary participation in a loss, selection of the insurance period, method of payment etc. are the factors that will make you eligible for a discount on the insurance premium of Dunav Insurance Company.

Additional questions

Should you need any additional information about this Comprehensive Insurance or have any questions regarding your equipment or any other equipment you would be interested in insuring, whether rented or undergoing any additional testing etc., please do not hesitate to call the contact telephone of our nearest branch, point of sale or a business office.