Why is this insurance important and specific?

Property insurance is generally associated with a place of insurance. However, it is often necessary to move devices, apparatuses and instruments to a different location for measuring, surveying, control, research or data processing purposes. Bearing this in mind, we have prepared a comprehensive insurance package which will provide indemnity for material damages occurred as a result of almost any peril you may imagine.

What is insured?

Subject of insurance are movable apparatuses, devices, instruments and computer equipment used for recording, sound- picture reproduction, diagnostics (medical and technical), measuring, control, geological and other research, as well as for data processing. Insured objects may be classified into:
• Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic apparatuses, devices and instruments
• Electrical
• Optical
• Electronic
• Laser
• Ultrasonic
• Isotope and
• Portable PCs (notebook)

If specially contracted, the subject matter of insurance may include movable power sources and converters, used for power supply of insured objects, as well as other accessories necessary for the operation of movable devices.

Which risks are covered?

The scope of cover depends on whether the insured object is located at the place of its use and/or storage or is transported and moved. During the transport and moving the equipment is insured against any risk on land, water or air. While in use or storage, the equipment is insured against fire and allied perils (lightning, explosion, storm, hail, flood and torrent, water damage etc.), machinery breakdown and allied perils and/or against burglary and robbery.

What is the agreed insured value?

You decide to write insurance to the sum insured of your choice and such sum should correspond the actual value of the insured object. The sum insured is the maximum amount of indemnity payable in the event of a risk occurrence.

What does the premium amount depend on?

The premium amount depends on the sum insured, type of insured object, agreed loadings and granted discounts.

What is indemnified in case of loss?

In the event of a loss or destruction to the insured object, the indemnity covers the value of the object insured, up to the sum insured. In the event of damage, the costs of repair of the insured object are reimbursed, also up to the sum insured. To avoid indemnity deductions for wear and tear, there is an option to stipulate the loading for depreciation holdback in claims for partial losses for machinery breakdown insurance.

The indemnity also covers the costs of reinstalling the existing licensed software in portable computers.

If specially contracted, the insurance cover may include the costs of express transport, air transport and transport abroad.

What benefits can you expect?

Scope of cover, number of movable devices, selected insurance period, method of payment etc. are the criteria for your eligibility for a discount on the insurance premium of Dunav Insurance Company.

Additional questions

Should you need any additional information about this Combined Insurance or have any question regarding your company` s movable equipment or any other equipment you would be interested in insuring, regardless of whether rented or undergoing any tests or measurements etc., do not hesitate to call the contact number of our nearest branch, point of sale or a business office.