Subject of insurance

The following vessels can be insured: yachts, boats, hydraulic powerboats, sailing boats, wooden scaffolding, rafts, pontoons, boat-houses, pontoon bridges.

The following is covered:

  • body of the boat (hull or floating foundation of a boat or plant, superstructure, cabin, mast, rudder, ropes, chains, windlass, anchors, oars, sails, fences and covers),
  • machine plant (installed or outboard motor and bed, shaft, propeller, tank, power unit, control board, control block etc.),
  • equipment (all equipment that may serve the safety of voyage or better economic utilization),
  • plants,
  • boat inventory according to the separate list.


Total loss arising from (standard risks):

  • navigational accident such as collision, impact, grounding, sinking, and other extraordinary external events relating to navigation,
  • bad weather, shipwreck, lightning, earthquake,
  • impact with another vessel,
  • hitting against the shore or any other solid matter, sailing or floating vessels or object,
  • fire,
  • the consequences of a hidden defect discovered on the body of a boat or motor or equipment,
  • explosion on the boat or in the vicinity thereof,
  • impact of a road vehicle or fall of an aircraft or parts thereof,
  • loading or unloading of cargo the transport of which is allowed by boat,
  • burglary or seizing the entire boat or installed motor by force,
  • using the boat without authorisation,
  • damages caused by malicious intent or negligence of third parties,
  • damages caused by other extraordinary event or accident while boat is sailing, immobile or pulled out to the shore.

 Total loss of a boat means:

  • sinking without any possibility of recovery,
  • total destruction of boat,
  • damage to the boat that cannot be repaired,
  • loss of the boat,
  • if the repair costs or costs related to the recovery of a sunken boat exceed the sum insured.

Full cover

This insurance includes all partial damages to the body, motors, equipment and inventory of the insured boat due to any of the insured risks stated in item 1, as well as burglary, provided that the alienated parts were placed in a locked compartment of an insured boat.
Within the limits of the provided coverage, the insurance shall also cover reasonably incurred salvage costs, if such salvage was successful. In the case of failed salvage, salvage costs shall be compensated for only if they were incurred by insurer’s explicit consent.

This insurance does not cover:


  • losses caused by the insured intentionally or out of gross negligence,
  • losses only indirectly sustained by the insured, or if a damage to the insured boat results in another damage,
  • losses due to unseaworthiness, either due to the lack of equipment on the boat or the lack of necessary documents,
  • losses arising from worn-out condition of material on the body, machines, equipment and inventory due to age, wear and tear or failure to maintain, as well as losses caused by decay and rottenness,
  • losses arising from ordinary theft,
  • costs of disencumbering a boat and other expenses that would be incurred due to low or high level, as well as navigation costs,
  • losses arising from irregular loading of hazardous cargo,
  • losses directly or indirectly caused by nuclear explosion, radiation, radioactive products or waste,
  • outboard motor falling off if it is not caused by insured risks,
  • losses arising from penetration of water or precipitations into the boat that was not protected with a cover,
  • losses caused by ice, if immediately upon formation of ice on the river the boat is not directed to the nearest winter harbour,
  • losses caused due to letting the boat drift with the current,
  • losses directly or indirectly caused due to the risk of war or war-like operations (regardless of whether the war is declared or not), sabotage, revolution, uprising, civil commotions, breach of blockade, i.e. seizure, capture, confiscation and the like,
  • losses directly or indirectly caused by strike, lock-out, layoffs, labour disturbances and the like,
  • costs connected to the recovery or removal of the wreck or parts of the boat, regardless of whether it is ordered by the competent government body or not,
  • any loss, damage, liability or expenses directly or indirectly incurred or increased or resulting from the use or operation of any means intended to inflict harm, of any computer, computer system, computer software program, malicious codes, computer viruses or processes or any other electronic system.

The Insured is obliged to:

  • report all circumstances important for the risk assessment, as well as any change of circumstances during insurance period,
  • pay the premium within the period stipulated in the policy,
  • take due care of the insured boat during insurance period.

In case of loss, the insured is to:

  • take all measures to avoid or minimise the loss,
  • immediately notify the insurer of the loss as soon as becoming aware of it,
  • immediately report the navigational accident to Marine Office, and if the accident involves burglary, theft or other criminal offence, immediately notify the competent body thereof,
  • take all legal and other measures to ensure and safeguard all rights against persons liable for damage, as well as, upon request of the insurer, obtain and deliver all necessary papers, in particular certificate confirming cession of rights against persons liable for damage,
  • for losses incurred during sport competitions, submit all documents verified by the racing committee,
  • in the case of a boat being damaged (ruined), make a damage report, sign it and have it verified by the relevant port authorities,
  • submit to the insurer a claim for damages with supporting documents.