Subject of insurance

  • Aircraft body,
  • engines,
  • standard instruments
  • equipment

From the aspect of aircraft type and purpose, the following can be insured:

  • airplanes:
    • air taxis
    • airplanes for personal purposes,
    • sport aircrafts,
    • other aviation (government, sanitary, etc.),
    • fire fighting aviation,
    • training aircrafts,
    • business aviation,
    • commercial aviation (scheduled air transport and charter),
    • hydroplanes,
    • gliders, ultralight aircrafts, kites, balloons, paragliders,
  • helicopters:
    • for transport of officials,
    • for rescue,
    • for research,
    • for traffic control.

Insured risks:

  • extraordinary external events during flying, taxying, while the aircraft is on the ground or is being secured,
  • negligence of the officer, pilot or other crew members
  • expenses reasonably incurred for the purpose of rescuing the insured aircraft or avoiding or mitigating the loss thereto,
  • transport expenses of the damaged aircraft from the place of occurrence to the place of repair.

The insurance hereof shall not cover loss or damage caused:

  • while the aircraft is being operated by a person without an appropriate operating licence,
  • when using an airport – flying field that is not approved for taking off and landing by the competent aviation authorities,
  • by the insured’s failure to take any stipulated safety measures to secure the aircraft whilst on the ground and in the open space,
  • by embarking a number of passengers or quantity of cargo that exceeds the capacity i.e. maximum allowed weight of the aircraft,
  • by any malicious act, sabotage or terrorist act.

The insured shall be obliged to:

  • report all circumstances that can affect the risk assessment,
  • pay the insurance premium within the agreed term,
  • keep all registers and documents stipulated under the law and other regulations,
  • to handle the aircraft with due diligence. Competent state authorities and the insurer have to be informed in order to take measures and secure the damaged aircraft

Premium is paid in instalments. Bonus-malus is agreed based on the loss ratio during a period of minimum 3 years.