Subject of insurance

Liability against consequences arising from aerial application of chemicals on agricultural and other surfaces.

Insured risks:

  • death,
  • total or partial disability,
  • temporary bodily injuries,
  • illness of third parties,
  • property damage or destruction.

The insurance shall not cover the insured’s liability for losses:

  • inflicted upon third parties or their property, on the area that is at the distance of less than 200m from the borders of the treated area,
  • on the area and property of the client i.e. aerial application beneficiary,
  • caused in the course of aerial application of the surface smaller than 100ha,
  • due to death, injury and illness of persons engaged to work with the client of aerial application,
  • due to any malicious acts or gross negligence of the insured,
  • due to application of stronger concentration of chemicals than proscribed by the manufacturer.