Buy Motor Hull and win:

  • GIFT VOUCHER of 4,000 Dinars for the “Dunav Auto“ granting you a free of charge technical inspection, replacement of glass and tires and/or other services.
  • Roadside assistance FREE OF CHARGE.

But, there is more to this! Get other discounts on your insurance coverage:

SUPER discounts before 30 April 2022

Type of insuranceDiscountsSpecial Gift
Motor hull for new vehicles15%Roadside assistance + voucher of 4,000 dinars for dunav auto
Motor hull 15%Voucher of 4,000 dinars for Dunav auto
Motor accident 30%
Roadside assistance 30%
Roadside assistance + motor accident 50%

Voucher is valid before 30 June 2022 and may not be exchanged for cash. If the total amount of the selected goods or services rendered in Dunav Auto is less than 4,000 Dinars, no refund shall be possible.
* Until the existing stocks are exhausted


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